Koh Samet Map [Interactive Island Guide]

The interactive Koh Samet Map can be used to explore this beautiful paradise island from tip to toe.. literally.


Koh Samet is a predominantly thin, 7 kilometre long island in the Gulf of Thailand which is peppered with a series of stunning white sandy beaches along its eastern coast. What makes this island so unique compared to others though is its proximity to one of the major travel hubs in southeast Asia, the Thai capital of Bangkok.

Use the maps above and below to get to know the island and identify the perfect beach to stay on during your visit. Why not pick more than one and move around a little to experience the most you can of the amazing scenery that is available to you here.

koh samet map

One of Koh Samet’s many beaches..

The information on our site will help you locate your perfect beach for relaxing on, show you how to get to Koh Samet and give you an indication of when to expect the best weather on the island.

You can also find information on all types of accommodation deals, whether you’re bedding down for the night in a bungalow, hotel or hostel during your stay.

Wherever you stay you’ll feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life, work and stress. Simply lay back in your hammock, grab a cold drink and soak up the chilled out vibes of one of Thailand’s most laid back islands.