Ao Hin Khok: Popular Backpackers Beach on Koh Samet

ao hin khok

Beach scene, near Jep’s Bungalows

Speaking from experience – this was the first Thai beach I ever stayed on – backpackers will find that it’s well worth walking beyond the mermaid statues at the end of Sai Kaew and making Ao Hin Khok your beach of choice on Koh Samet.

Although it’s only a few minutes walk on from Sai Kaew, it feels a lot further than that in terms of its atmosphere and offers a more laid back beach experience. The alluring blue sea complements the squeaky white sand, while the trees that line the fringe provide welcome relief from the sun if it gets too much.. it’s a match made in heaven.

Hanging out on Ao Hin Khok

Backpackers and travellers love this beach and you’ll find them here relaxing in hammocks, reading books, strumming guitars and listening to soulful tunes as days drift effortlessly into nights. Relaxing in the clear and soothing waters of the bay is another popular past-time of visitors here with views stretching down the coast and back up along the entirety of Sai Kaew beach to the left.

Bungalow options

As you’d expect, a beach that’s popular with backpackers will have bungalows that are more aligned to a more modest budget. Set back from the beach, you have a few choices on Ao Hin Khok.

ao hin khokJep’s Bungalows ==> Bookings <==
Back from the beach, tucked up among the trees in the hillside, Jep’s offers basic fan or air-con bungalows and provides breakfast. Bathrooms are shared or on-suite, depending on how much baht you’re happy parting with. The restaurant is popular with guests and visitors alike, so pull up a pew and wash down a nice curry with a cold Chang or two.. [see reviews]

Naga Bungalows
This was the place I stayed at when I came to Koh Samet on my first visit to the Thai islands. It was a case of turning up and seeing what was available as it was one of the cheapest bungalows outfits on the island at the time. Basic in terms of its lodgings, it has a good spot on the beach and has its own bar, restaurant and other amenities to keep you amused when you’re not soaking up the views from the beach.

In summary it’s less busy and a little quieter on Ao Hin Khok than it is further north on Sai Kaew. If you’re a light sleeper you’ll probably still find it too noisy here so if that’s the case you’d be better off choosing a beach further down the island where things are not so loud.

image by princeroy