Sai Kaew Beach: Wide Sandy Bay but Busy and Lacks Charm

sai kaew beach

Wide and sandy Sai Kaew (gets crowded)

It’s the poster-boy strip of sand on Koh Samet but don’t let the touts at the arrival pier have you believe it’s the best place to stay.

Sure, Sai Kaew beach is an absolutely stunning and wide, white sandy bay and if you were the only person on the beach it would probably be the best beach in the world.

If you got up early enough for the sunrise you could well be the only person on the beach for a short while but things will soon change as this is the beach where the majority of package tourists are sent and it can feel a little bit overcrowded here.

But Sai Kaew beach is the CLOSEST to the PIER?

sai kaew beach

Wide enough for.. plenty of deck chairs!

Yes, it is and this is another reason that it can feel a little overwhelming here.

Most people who arrive on the island will be talked into staying here by the touts over at mainland Ban Phe, on the boats themselves or at the arrival pier, Na Dan.

For this reason you’d probably be better off staying at one of the many gorgeous beaches further down the east coast as they are generally less busy and more laid back as you move away from Sai Kaew beach (apart from Wong Duan which is another package tourist haven).

But don’t let let this put you off if you love being where the crowds, noise and partying is at its best!

If that’s you.. read on.

Plenty of bars and restaurants here

Lots of bars and restaurants here

Once the sun has gone down the many bars and restaurants that line the beachfront put out cushions and seats for the night ahead.

The music starts in the bars and there are fire shows, karaoke machines and dancing as well as a myriad of other things going on here. There are lots of stalls and minimarkets so you can stay well stocked up on all the things you need to keep you going.

The partying can go on quite late so if you’re someone who likes to get a good amount of sleep then you’d probably be better off going to one of the quieter beaches [see our guide].

Thinking of staying here..

Then it should be noted that it’s a little bit quieter on the northern (further right) end of the beach than its middle or southern (further left) parts. Bear in mind though that wherever you stay this is a busy and noisy beach compared to many others on Koh Samet.

==> Sai Kaew Beach Bungalow Deals <==

In terms of Sai Kaew’s location, it’s a 10 minute walk to get here from the pier.


Use the map above to explore the layout of the beach and check out some of the different bungalows you can stay at. You should be able to save money when staying on Sai Kaew beach if you book ahead as the touts in Ban Phe and on the boats across to the island tend to hike the prices if places are filling up.

images by isitcruelenough and fukata